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Up Tune Up Data Wiper Motor 1956 License Plates Replacement Paint

Windshield Wiper Motor

Removal, Disassembly & Reassembly

This information is being supplied by Jim Lundal.  The windshield wipers were performing intermittently on my 1956 Chev and it was decided that the motor would be removed and checked on the work bench.  Removal is a simple operation: A single wire is "usually" connected to the ballast resistor on the firewall.  Disconnect this wire.  Remove the "Bowden" cable connection on the motor.  Remove the two mounting screws on the firewall mount securing the motor to the firewall.  The motor will simply be free to remove. 

The picture below is the Wiper Motor Assembly.  This motor design is used on many of the 50's Chevy's and the design is very similar to the unit installed on my 1960 Corvette.  Internally, the units will have minor differences but operationally are very close.

The information supplied here was located after "getting into trouble" during disassembly.  I could not find this information in any mid-50's Auto manuals until I happened upon a Corvette Servicing Guide  which is a general guide to servicing Corvettes, '53 - '62.  The subsequent information was invaluable for disassembly and reassembly. 

The picture above is the configuration of many Chevy Wiper Motors.  A single wire is connected to the one end of the ballast resistor supplying the 12V to the wiper motor.  The bowden cable is the connection between the dashboard control knob and the slide mechanism on the motor.  The cylindrical end of the motor is, "the motor" containing the field coils, motor armature and the brushes.  "Your best bet is to Leave the motor end" of the Wiper intact and not remove it.  Most servicing can be done removing two access plates and checking the switches and cleaning and lubricating the gearing.  IF the motor was suspected to be a problem, then remove the motor housing.

All of the Wiper Assembly gearing can be removed as described in this information.  The motor armature worm gear is visible in Figure 3 above and the worm is the shaft of the armature and can remain for cleaning.  The complete drive gearing can be removed and cleaned, and relubed. 


The following picture , Figure 13, indicates one of the hints that is Extremely helpful if the armature is removed.   It is recommended that work on the electrical switch access area and the gear assembly be done without removing the electrical motor.  Once the cylindrical motor cover is removed, more than likely, the motor armature will stay in the gearing and you will need the hint in Figure 13 to reassembly the armature inside the housing. 




Up Tune Up Data Wiper Motor 1956 License Plates Replacement Paint