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Day 1:

Tom Meleo Weekend Tour

Lindsey, Ca.

Fall 2006

(includes pictures from latest tour, 2009)

Up Meleo Side Trip 1918 Touring V8

This weekend tour was coordinated by the Foothill Region and featured a tour of Tom Meleo's car collection.  Tom's car collection contains many Chevrolet's that he, and his father, have collected over many years.  The Meleo's have orange groves in the San Jauquin Valley near Lindsey, Ca.  A recently constructed facility at one of their orange groves houses many of their cars.  This facility is very climate and dust controlled since this location does experience many types of weather changes.

The Chevy collection at the new facility contains restored and original cars with newest about 1950.  Other locations at the Meleo's have additional Chevy's and other brands.  Tom also has a restoration facility at this location.

Tom Meleo, one of the original founding members of our VCCA has been collecting (along with his father, Vic) automobiles for many-many years.  Vic began operating a service station (now known as a gas station, filling station, convenience store, etc.) in about 1937 in Los Angeles.  He continued with this operation till about 1941 and then opened a repair facility in another individuals building.  Recently, within Tom & Vicís collection, they had acquired enough service station memorabilia that they decided to recreate Vicís old station and also restore his original í37 pickup-Tow truck.  Tom also placed a new building on his property which houses his early-Chev collection.  The newest car in the collection is a 1954 Chev hardtop.  This new building is very climate and filtered air controlled.

Tom Meleo is seen above greeting everyone to his new facility.  Spotless and clean is the byword.

Above (2009 tour) Tom has added a Chevrolet Sign to the building.

Vicís Garage, 7901 S. Avalon Blvd.  Call PL-9469 for service. Note the opening height is large to house the gravity flow fuel pump with the Hancock signage on top.

Snapshot of the original truck with Tom's dad and his brother. 

The truck is seen in the above picture in front of the service station which closely approximates Tom's dad's service station from the late 30's.  Inside the station is a good collection of service station memorabilia collected over the years. 

B&W inset picture of the original family photo.  Note: The address on the truck is 1161 E. Pico Blv., VA1850.
I donít know the story behind the time element of the photo and the current restoration.  The Pico location is just south of Downtown LA (north of I-10) while the Avalon location is south of Florence on Avalon.  Interesting?

Tom's dad still lives with him in the house surrounded by an orange grove.  The home was originally built by the family.


All cars on in order by year.
2009 Tour, 1947 Wagon

All of the cars had a "story" of some sort.  The '37 coupe seen above was Tom's first car and although stock in appearance, it contains a 265 cu. in. V8 and a 4-speed transmission.  The car has been dragged along with the family wherever they moved.

1942 Aerosedan with a special overdrive accessory.

A recent acquisition.

1918 Touring with 286 cu. in. V8.  Original!  See engine below.  For further information on this vehicle, go to the Web Page"1918 Touring V8" button above.

New Car, 2009 Tour, 1935 Standard, original condition.



Above is the restoration currently underway.  Below the restoration picture is a magazine of the same model truck.
2009 Tour, Above and below.

1954 Bel Air Hardtop.
Tom explains one of the cars as the audience, drool's!

Up Meleo Side Trip 1918 Touring V8