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The Southern California Region Chevrolet Club is a Region associated with the National Vintage Chevrolet Club of America (VCCA).  The So. Cal. Region is within a Southern California Division (#1) of the National VCCA.

The So. Cal. Region began during the late 1960's and has continually existed within the Long Beach/Cerritos/Cypress/Lakewood area since its beginning.  Currently, due to lack of another Region in the South Bay area (Torrance/San Pedro/etc.) members who reside in these areas belong to our Region.  Several other Regions exist in Division 1 which is includes Arizona and northern California.

Our Region has monthly meetings in the Long Beach area.  The specific location is listed in the monthly Newsletter available in this Web Site.   During each month our members usually schedule tours (day long) and many times join with other Regions in the area on Tours they may schedule.

We invite you to join in on our meetings (free refreshments) and see if you like us.  We do not require that you have a vintage Chevy and many times our members drive modern's on our Tours. 

See Below for our Region's support to  Miller Children's Hospital!
Below is the delivery of 4 wagons to the Child Care Unit for 2009.  Pictured are Royce Inglis, Bob Jeppesen and Jim Lundal with Stacy Martinez of the Child Care Unit.

The picture to the left is of members Jim Lundal (lt.) and Bob Jeppesen (rt.) delivering the Region donated gifts for 2008 to Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach.  The two employee's pictured are with the hospital wagons which our Region donated earlier last year.

Below are Pictures of our Regions recent participation in the Opening Ceremonies (June 2007) for the Front Drive into Miller Children's Hospital.

Jim Lundal was contacted, as a result of our Regions constant representation with the hospital, to supply a couple of cars for the Opening Ceremonies.  They wanted specific years of cars which were 1907, 1960, 1970 and present time.  On the listed years notable expansions took place at the hospital and the beginning year was 1907.  Jim solicited ex-region member Lee Lieberg (1969 Chevelle) and Jim used his 1960 Corvette.  A BMW was supplied by a local dealer and driven by the hospital CEO.

Above Jim & Lee's cars are visible covering the new BMW convertible .  Jim had a patient riding with him as she liked Corvettes.  This was the first inauguration of driving on the circular drive area.  It was probably christened with a couple of drops of oil also.
Our Regions contribution "in use" at the ceremonies!

See pictures below which were in the Long Beach Press-Telegram

Be sure to note Winston standing next to one or our wagons!

Below are the Region representatives presenting our donation to Miller Children's Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. on April 2007   The club has donated children's Christmas gifts each year, in lieu of exchanging gifts at our Christmas Party, and the club voted on making a further donation early this year.  The wagons pictured join a fleet of other wagons which are used by the hospital to haul children around for their various tests.  Wagons are much less intimidating that wheelchairs.

Pictured from l to r: Region Asistant Director Bob Jeppesen, Region member Richard Lacourse, Region member Ellie Jeppesen, Region Director Jim Lundal, Rita Goshert; Miller Children's Hospital Department Manager and Region member Susie Covarrubias.


Below is the delivery of Children's gift donation for Christmas 2007. 

Donation of two Portable DVD Players for 2010.

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