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Past Cruise-Cruise Events

This Event is Labeled Cruise-Cruise and is a coordinated effort between The Little Ships Fleet Yacht Club of Long Beach and the So. Cal. Region of the VCCA (us!).  One of our VCCA Region members is Roy Queen and he and his wife Carolyn are extremely active with the Little Ships Yacht Club.  Roy has been Yacht Club Commodore and continues to belong as a Vice Commodore.  This Cruise-Cruise was Roy's brainchild several years ago to provide the So. Cal. Region with an opportunity to "go sailing" within the confines of Long Beach Harbor.  This opportunity is not customarily available to many of our members, and some show up every year for this opportunity.  The sailboats are over 30 ft. in length and many are vintage vessels.  Some boats and the skippers have sailed to many locations around the world.

The skippers are from the Yacht Club and provide the sailing rides (cruises) for Free.  After returning to land, the Yacht Club has a BBQ on the grounds, after which the vintage car owners take the skippers on a Cruise to nearby Seal Beach.  The day is much fun and very relaxing.

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