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So. Cal. Tour to the Adamson House

Malibu, Calif.

June 2007


This was a Division 1 Tour organized by the So. Cal. Region, specifically Jim & Judy Lundal. 

The Adamson House was built in the late 20's/early 30's era in a Spanish revival style.  The Adamson's were a family with lineage to Adohr Farms and the beginning of manufacturing of Malibu Tile.  The Malibu Tile featured a Spanish designs similar to Catalina Tile.  The house is located on 13.5 acres just north of Malibu Pier and along Surfrider Beach.  This picturesque location is adjacent to busy PCH but once inside the grounds, as the pictures below will indicate, you enter another world.  The grounds are perfect which surround the House.  The Lundal's, who organized the event, saw another important factor within the Malibu area, i.e. there are a lot of busy crowds and going out to eat after the 10AM tour would be a challenge.  There are two picnic tables on the grounds which the Lundal's brought a make-your-sandwich meal with other luncheon items.  This was an outstanding idea (Judy Lundal's idea) as everyone exited the tours they sat down to lunch in the most beautiful surroundings (see below) anywhere.

Since this was a Division 1 Tour, other So. Cal. Regions were invited.   The San Fernando Valley Region "drove over the hill" and arrived with several cars.  One couple joined us from the Foothill Region and several cars from the host So. Cal. Region.

Another feature that the Lundal's inquired about was parking the Vintage cars within the grounds, which is unusual as a large public parking area is outside the grounds.  But, it was so "neat" for everyone to pull into the grounds and park their vintage vehicle and leave unattended while touring, and eating.

Picture's could not be taken inside the home.

This is the front entrance of the Adamson House.
This view is of Jim & Judy Lundal's '56 Chev from the House'sfont door.  All the cars lined up along the driveway.
The San Fernando Valley Region cars along the driveway.  Front to rear: Steve Rosenberg's '33 3-window coupe, Sherwin Silver's '56 Nomad, John Murray's '52 Chev Hardtop and Larry Pearson's '60 Vette.
The view from the upper balcony looking toward the east/north PCH and the Malibu Pier.  Note the House swimming pool which used salt water when first built.  Lower right is one of the Mlibu tiled fountains.
Viewing off the end of the pier are some of the surfers using Surfrider Beach.  No swimming is allowed, only surfing.
Viewing more to the west from the balcony the extensive Pelican Rookery is seen.
The view more to the west views more beach while in the lower right part of the view is the picnic table lunch location.
This is the picnic area as viewed from the balcony!
Viewing more toward the west from the front of the house, the car line-up comes into view. An inlet from the ocean is also visible.
This is half the crowd!   Tour #2 standing on the balcony.   Left to Right: Julie Knickelbein (Foothill), Larry Pearson (SFV), Sharon & Lee Lieberg (invited visitors behind tall guy), Steve Knickelbein (Foothill), John Murray (SFV), Ellie & Bob Jeppesen (So. Cal.), Caren Blumenfeld & Sherwin Silvers (SFV).  Jim Lundal is kneeling.  Jim & wife Judy organized the event.  Jim is the Region director.
Many of Group #1 who exited the tour before the last group and got to the table quicker.  Judy Lundal, credited for the success, is partially standing at the far end.  Everyone was pleased to sit, eat and relax in this setting before heading back home. Around the table CW from lower left: Eldon & Connie Northrup, Richard Lacourse, Judy Lundal, Karen Lacourse, Steve Rosenberg (SFV), Ken & Paulette Irwin (SFV).
Steve Rosenberg of San Fernando Valley Region drove his 1933 coupe.  It was so great to see a "real-vintage" car out and driving again.
Typical beach scene!  Lundal's daughter naps while exiting her feet out the window.
What a Day!